Access Line – An arrangement which connects the customer’s location to the Company’s network switching center.

Authorization Code – A numerical code, one or more of which are available to a customer to enable him/her to access the carrier, and which are used by the carrier both to prevent unauthorized access to its facilities and to identify the customer for billing purposes.

Company or Carrier – Communication Telefonicas Latinas Corp.

Customer – The person, firm, corporation or other entity which orders service and is responsible for payment of charges due and compliance with the Company’s tariff regulations.

Day – From 8:00 AM up to but not including 5:00 PM local time Sunday through Friday.

Evening – From 5:00 PM up to but not including 11:00 PM local time Sunday through Friday.

Holidays – The Company’s recognized holidays are New Year’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

Night/Weekend – From 11:00 PM up to but not including 8:00 AM Sunday through Friday, and 8:00 AM Saturday up to but not including 5:00 PM Sunday.


2.1              Undertaking of the Company

The Company’s services and facilities are furnished for communications originating at specified points originating in one state and terminating in another state under terms of this tariff.

The Company installs, operates and maintains the communications services provided herein in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth under this tariff. It may act as the customer’s agent for ordering access connection facilities provided by other carriers or entities when authorized by the customer, to allow connection of a customer’s location to the Company’s network. The customer shall be responsible for all charges due for such service arrangement.

The Company’s services and facilities are provided on a monthly basis unless ordered on a longer term basis, and are available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

2.2              Limitations

2.2.1        Service is offered subject to the availability of facilities and provisions of this tariff.

2.2.2        The Company reserves the right to discontinue furnishing service, or limit the use of service necessitated by conditions beyond its control: or when the customer is using the service in violation of the law or the provisions of this tariff.

2.2.3        All services and facilities provided under this tariff are directly controlled by the Company and the customer may not transfer or assign the use of service or facilities, except with the express written consent of the Company. Such transfer or assignment shall only apply where there is no interruption of the use or location of the service or facilities.

2.2.4        All regulations and conditions contained in this tariff shall apply to all such permitted assignees or transferees, as well as all conditions for service.


2.3              Liabilities of the Company

2.3.1        The Company’s liability arising out of mistakes, interruptions, omissions, delays, errors or defects in the transmission occurring in the course of furnishing service or facilities, and not caused by the negligence of its employees or its agents, in no event shall exceed an amount equivalent to the proportionate charge to the customer for the period during which the aforementioned faults in transmission occur, unless ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.

2.3.2        The Company shall be indemnified and held harmless by the customer against:

(A)              Claims for libel, slander, or infringement of copyright arising out of the material, data, information, or other content transmitted over the Company’s facilities.

(B)              All other claims arising out of any act or omission of the customer in connection with any service or facility provided by the Company.


2.4              Interruption of Service

2.4.1 Credit allowances for the interruption of service which is not due to the Company’s testing or adjusting, negligence of the customer, or due to the failure of channels or equipment provided by the customer, are subject to the general liability provisions set forth in Subsection 2.3.1. It shall be the customer’s obligation to notify the Company immediately of any service interruption for which a credit allowance is desired. Before giving such notice, the customer shall ascertain that the trouble is not being caused by any action or omission by the customer within his control, or equipment, if any, furnished by the customer and connected to the Company’s facilities. No refund or credit will be made for the time that the Company stands ready to repair the service and the subscriber does not provide access to the Company for such restoration work.

2.4.2        No credit shall be allowed for an interruption of a continuous duration of less than twenty-four hours after the subscriber notifies the Company.

2.4.3        The customer shall be credited for an interruption of more than twenty-four hours as follows:

Credit Formula:

Credit = A/720 x C

“A” – outage time in hours

“B” – each month is considered to have 720 hours

“C” – total monthly charge for affected facility

2.5              Disconnection of Service by Carrier

2.5.1 The Company, upon 7 days written notice to the customer, may discontinue service or cancel an application for service without incurring any liability for non-payment of any sum due to carrier for regulated service for more than thirty days beyond the date of rendition of the bill for such service.


Disconnection of Service by Carrier (Cont.)

2.5.2        Service may be disconnected without notice for any of the following reasons:

(A)  A violation of any regulation governing the service under this


(B)  A violation of any law, rule, or regulation of any government

authority having jurisdiction over such service;

(C)  The company has given the customer notice and has allowed a

reasonable time to comply with any rule, or remedy and deficiency;

(D) Tampering with company equipment, for interfering with the

service to other customers, for fraud, or in the event of a hazardous


2.6              Deposits

The Company does not require a deposit from the customer.

2.7              Taxes

All state and local taxes (e.g., gross receipts tax, sales tax, municipal utilities tax) are listed on customer bills as separate line items and are not included in the quoted rates.

2.8              Billing of Calls

All charges due by the subscriber are payable at any agency duly authorized to receive such payments. Any objection to billed charges should be promptly reported to the Company. Adjustments to customers’ bills shall be made to the extent that records are available and/or circumstances exist which reasonably indicate that such charges are not in accordance with approved rates or that an adjustment may otherwise be appropriate.


3.1              Timing of Calls

3.1.1     When Billing Charges Begin and End for Calls

The customer’s long distance usage charge is based on the actual usage of the Company’s network. Usage begins when the called party picks up the receiver (i.e., when two-way communication, often referred to as “conversation time” is possible.) When the called party picks up is determined by hardware answer supervision in which the local telephone company sends a signal to the switch or the software utilizing audio tone detection. When software answer supervision is employed, up to 60 seconds of ringing is allowed before it is billed as usage of the network. A call is terminated when the calling or called party hangs up.

3.1.2     Billing Increments

The minimum call duration for billing purposes is 1 minute for a connected call and calls beyond 1 minute are billed in 1 minute increments.

3.1.3     Per Call Billing Charges

Billing will be rounded up to the nearest penny for each call.

3.1.4     Uncompleted Calls

There shall be no charge for uncompleted calls.


3.2 Calculation of Distance

Usage charges for all mileage sensitive products (if any) are based on the airline distance between rate centers associated with the originating and terminating points of the call.

The airline mileage between rate centers is determined by applying the formula below to the vertical and horizontal coordinates associated with the rate centers involved. The Company uses the rate centers that are produced by Bell Communications Research in the NPA-NXX V & H Coordinates Tape and Bell’s NECA Tariff No. 4.


The square root of: (V1-V2)² + (H1-H2)²


3.3 Minimum Call Completion Rate

A customer can expect a call completion rate (number of calls completed/number of calls attempted) of not less than 99% during peak use periods for all Feature Group D services (“1+” dialing).

3.4              Service Offerings

3.4.1        CTL Copr Long Distance Service

CTL Corp Long Distance Service is offered to residential customers. The service permits direct dialed outbound calling at a single per minute rate. Service is provided from presubscribed, dedicated or shared use access lines. Calls are billed in one minute increments. A monthly service charge also applies.


3.4 Service Offerings (Cont.)

3.4.2        Directory Assistance

The Company will connect requesting customers to the local exchange company directory assistance service for directory assistance calls within the state.


4.1              CTL Corp Long Distance Service

Rate per minute – 6 cents

Plan is billed in full minute increments.

4.2              Service Charges

CTL Corp Long Distance Service Monthly Service Charge - $ 5.95

4.3              Director Assistance

Directory Assistance is billed on a per call basis at a rate of 99 cents per call.


4.4              Payment of Calls


4.4.1        Late Payment Charges


Customers failing to pay a bill for services by the due date will be charged a one-time late payment penalty on the amount owed for such services. Any payment received by Company will first be applied to the bill for services rendered


4.4.2        Return Check Charge

A return check charge of $10.00 will be assessed for checks returned for insufficient funds.

SECTION 4 – RATES continued

4.5              Special Promotions

The Company may, from time to time, offer special promotions to its customers waiving certain charges. These promotions will be made with specific starting and ending dates, and be made part of this tariff.